Establishing a Scholarship

Supporting students so they are academically successful is at the heart of the College of Marin’s mission. While COM offers students an education at a reasonable cost, many students experience financial difficulties as they juggle the financial burden of school, basic necessities such as food and housing and support for their family. A scholarship can make the difference between a student staying in school or being forced to delay or abandon their educational dreams.

Thanks to generous donors, COM offers more than 150 scholarships each year. As the demand for academic and need base scholarships continue to grow, so does our need to secure additional funds for scholarship. Increasing the number of student scholarships is a top priority. COM offers a number of options for individuals or organizations who are interested in establishing a scholarship.

Named Scholarship ($1,000+)

Named scholarships can be funded with a one–time gift distributed over one or more semesters with a gift of $1,000 or more. You can choose to support students in a particular academic major or career path. Named scholarships are not an endowed scholarship. These scholarships will only remain active as long as funds are available. Additional funding can be added at any time to a scholarship to ensure its longevity.

Endowed Scholarship ($30,000+)

An endowed scholarship can be established with a gift of $30,000 or more. Here the principle is held in perpetuity – spending only the return on the investment. To maximize their potential, these funds are invested with COM’s endowment. Typically, an endowed fund of $30,000 can produce a $1,000 a year in scholarships.

Establish a Scholarship to Honor Someone

Honor a loved one or family member, by creating a named or endowed scholarship. There are several avenues for donors to maximize their donation and reduce their taxable income such as donating appreciated stock or directly donating mandatory IRA distributions. Scholarships can also be created by including COM in one’s estate planning. See the Planned Giving section of this website for more detail.

Need additional information?

To discuss in detail how to create a scholarship, please contact Keith Rosenthal, Director of Advancement, (415) 485-9528 or


Thank You to Scholarship Donors

Click here for a complete list of scholarships.


Congratulations to Our Fall 2020 Scholarship Recipients

  • Adrienne Abela
    Ruqaya Al Hakim
    Amanda Alcazar
    Dawud Anderson-Zafir
    Marina Bautrel-Hubert
    Benjamin Bennet
    Ashley Bigone
    Evan Boatright
    Matheus Borges Da Costa
    Ian Cerruti
    Cayri Chan
    Joaquin Chavez-krotky
    Ann Cook
    Rodwell Cutkelvin
    Christopher Day
    Zoevina Delagado
    Hannah Dunn
    Juan Duque
  • Julia Freeman
    Malik Ghiden
    Brandon Gonzalez
    Keely Hamilton
    Yessenia Hernandez
    Fulvia Hernandez
    Kayumba Herve
    Taya Hickman
    Emmanuel Higueros
    Alyson Howe
    Muhammad Izhar
    Robert Kennedy
    Daniil Konstant
    Joshua Kosinski
    Andrea Lane
    Jeremy Lewis
    Helen Linares
    Gina Longo
  • Kimberlie Manuel
    Alyssa Martinez
    Cindy Mata
    Adileni Maya Ceja
    Christina Medina
    Wanda Melendez
    Alejandra Mendoza Cisneros
    Daniil Menshikov
    Whitney Messer
    Isaac Morgan
    Amina Nakhuda
    Mitra Namvar
    Jose Paz
    Odaiclet Piccinini
    Nancy Quimson
    Miriam Quintana
    Lina Richardson
    Fernando Sanchez Lopez
  • Thamara Santos
    Madeline Sarvey
    Mahnaz Shahroudi
    Melanie Sheaves
    Tyler Sims
    Aubrey Small
    Mariah Smith
    Malaika Smith
    Haily Speakman
    Adam Sumner
    Prateek Sunder
    Jeannette Tayac
    Deonna Thompson
    Erick Tobar
    Octavio Torres
    Gerson Urrutia Garcia
    Colleen Yee
    Yueming Yu