Pillars of Philanthropy

There is a visible way for the College of Marin to honor donors who have made significant gifts to the College of Marin. At the Kentfield campus, the Pillars of Philanthropy is constructed with repurposed metal, wood, and pillars from former campus buildings. This donor wall honors the gifts of donors whose contributions have had a transformative impact on the College’s students, faculty and programs.

The Pillars are located in a prominent area near many of the buildings on campus.

The plaque on this donor wall reads:

For their generosity and dedication, we honor these Pillars of Philanthropy.

These special donors have contributed significant resources to fund scholarships, technology, facilities, and other major initiatives. Pillars of Philanthropy allow the College of Marin to advance and provide students exceptional higher education.


Charitable IRA Rollover Gift

Another way to make a gift to College of Marin  is by making an annual tax-favored charitable gift from a traditional or Roth IRA account. A gift of up to $100,000 can be transferred directly to College of Marin free from federal income tax.  The charitable distribution can be a significant benefit for those who are required each year to take minimum required distributions.  For more information on this type of gift please see our Forms/Resources page.


Henry Timnick speaks highly of the education available at College of Marin and encourages individuals to consider donating to scholarships, as he has done.



For More Information

To discuss in detail how to create an endowment or make a gift to the college, please contact Keith Rosenthal, Director of Advancement, (415) 485-9528 or kmrosenthal@marin.edu for a confidential appointment.